Vishal Chawda


Vishal follows his heart and intuition to live, and has belief that miracles happen every day, and not just in remote places or holy sites but right here, in our own lives ,we need to reveal them, open & embrace them. His passion for branding & technology convinced him for "Flying Penguins". Before founding his own company Vishal was a core team member of an renowned business accelerator.

Amit Tiwari


Every company, regardless of size, deserves the technology expert to scale a world-class team. Amit is a chill out video game freak, when he is not busy sticking with his gaming consoles, he loves to code like hell. He has a strong technical skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills. Eager to be challenged in order to grow and improve his IT skills gained through previous experiences in the IT sector

Shireen Khapre

Head of Marketing

A unique combination of talents in technology & marketing, with keen interest in BD and PR. Involved in planning of strategical digital initiatives and ideas for sustained growth on revenue and profitability. Most of the time you’ll find Shireen responding emails.

Fiza Khan

Lead Web Designer

Lady with immense pressure of work. Fiza is workaholic with a witty mind & adding a smile to it makes her more contagious, focused towards her goals and never backs down till she succeeds.

Samruddhi Sonak

Solution Architect

No alternate option for Hard Work, Talent can be bitten’ is what Samruddhi believe in. Her Views regarding success is different, 'no matter how much help you get, in the end sticking to your chosen decision can define you best.

Oshin Ray

Talent Manager

She was hired to hire the best in town, and she does it diligently. She finds immense joy in establishing personal kinship with each employee and helps them outshine with her smart task delegations.

Pradyumna Chopde

UI/UX Designer

A young professional photographer and a illustrator. Pradyumna describes himself as laboratory of ideas & creativity. His passion for design is much more than sitting in front of a computer & make things look beautiful, he designs to inspire minds everyday.

Sweta Lende

Web Designer

With a belief that theory teaches us nothing, its actual implementation does. Sweta has set out on a journey of implementing hard earned web skills to make amazing experiences for users. Loving every bit of her work, she loves to be quite most of the time & be most loud through her work.

Falguni Jonnalwar

Quality Analyst

Falguni believes that QA testing is effective way for saving costs by detecting and fixing issues and flaws at early stages. Her quality attention to detail makes her the best person to head QA department here at FP.

Payal Battuwar

SEM Expert

Payal tries to keep up by herself at her own peril. Payal’s belief & passion towards tech marketing makes her the right fit here at FP as SEM expert. She always look for new learnings in every project she gets involved in.

Tushar Chikkhalkar

Accounts Manager

Tushar is a numbers ninja. Extremely diligent and sincere in his work, he has the important task of handling the company’s financials.

Aparna Nair

Content Wizard

Aparna’s zeal for writing is evident from the compelling and engaging content she creates. She believes that the purpose of a good content is to influence, persuade and enthral the audience while still preserving its simplicity.

Deepti Dhande

Social Media Expert

If wizards were real, Deepti would be in Hogwarts. A soft hearted girl with commitment to make dent in the curious social media industry. Her creative writing skills brings the extra edge in every campaign she is associated with.