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Our services are tailored to encapsulate your insights with our technical expertise, from you being established to you being a reputable brand. We serve to cater your any & every need to deliver customized solution. Broadly speaking our expertise falls into these four areas.

Web App Development

Our web engineers, thoroughly passionate about the web, capsulise your ideas and business problems into dreamy applications designed with obsessive creativity, developed on copper bottomed architectures and mounted on some amazing infrastructures. We build solutions for scaling, period.

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Mobile App Development

Our team of technology nerds and design nazis always think mobile-first. We believe in developing mobile-first solutions that scales up to a robust desktop experiences, rather than desktop applications tweaked to fit the mobile and tablets. Mobile is not the new kid on the block anymore. In the jungle if you don’t move fast enough you get eaten. Out here if you are not on mobile you are already being digested!

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Digital Marketing

Our marketing experts convert your idea and business philosophy into a captivating digital story and make sure it reaches hordes of customers and consumers using the entire social and digital (not just Facebook!) medium spectrum.

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Business Automation

We have discovered there is a logical common interest within all businesses and that’s. . .Easy! Yes businesses want things to be easier. Our team of analysts and techno geniuses work extremely hard to deliver what we fondly call Lean Solutions, agile solutions to cater to any business bottleneck be it B2B or B2C. With Lean Solutions, Flying Penguins remind businesses to be Out (there to be heard), Loud (enough to be seen) and Organised (to grow)

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