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  • Category: Analysis
  • Date: Feb 15, 2020


Analysis, Digital Marketing

Bajaj Windows is a renowned expert in fenestration systems. With a primary objective to enter the virtual world, we designed the website that creatively showcases brand presence and intuitively creates products awareness online. The website is a rightful combination of creativity, technical expertise and premium outlook. We curated the content and worked on the aesthetics of the website by using engaging visuals that contribute to the overall audience engagement with the brand. We ensured interesting little details to keep up with the theme. Now we where ready to shout out loud in the world to launch the product, major channels used where Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, LinkedIn, SMS & Emails.

Services: Website Designing & Development, Digital Marketing

Technology : HTML, CSS, bootstrap, Jquery

Made For : Corporate website for exiting and future prospects and clients

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 3.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 5 Press Releases