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Rachana Constructions

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Rachana Constructions
The Client

Leading builders and developers of Central India, Rachana Constructions Pvt. Ltd. approached us with a problem statement.

The Briefing

They wanted a minimalistic website that focused on real people who actually lived in their apartment complexes and beautifully showcase the actual architecture of their constructions. This needed a unique approach to be taken.

Our Solution

Our approach towards designing their website started with site visits to their apartment complexes and photographing the actual people living there in their candid moments. It was quite a challenge to get camera-shy people to pose but the website turned out beautifully with live images of the real people living in those properties. This was a unique feature of the Rachana Constructions website, which is uncommon in real estate websites. Moreover, the user experienced was enhanced by limiting clutter on the website and using minimalistic features.

All the hard work was paid off when we received a great letter of appreciation from our client expressing their happiness and approval of the website design. It has motivated us to keep moving ahead and doing better and better!