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Bajaj Windows

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Bajaj Windows
The Client

Bajaj Windows is a renowned expert in fenestration systems.

The Briefing

The client wished to have an online window to their services in the form of their website. The big challenge here was to utilize the brand image and the old logo while bringing them to the virtual world.

Our Solution

For their website, we decided to marry the technical expertise of Bajaj and our own creativity. The colour scheme chosen for the home page was red and black, in order to keep up the premium feel of the product and its market. We ensured interesting little details to keep up with the theme.
Our other major contributions to the website include curation of the content, using homogeneous images that depict the client’s expertise as well as provide an in-depth understanding of their work to the visitors. The final result was a combination of information and creativity that makes the website stand-out and be remembered.