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Swapaholic is a clothing & accessory swap that helps declutter & refresh your wardrobe; without hurting your wallet and our planet.

Problem Statement

Swapaholic initially existed as physical swaps and wanted to extend their business by being available to their loyal swappers through e-commerce. Our work with Swapaholic began with ideating an e-commerce solution all the while keeping in mind that any new IT infrastructure would also have to support their already running physical swaps.

This interesting challenge exploded this project into a complex multi tier application suite with innumerable possibilities in optimising logistics, inventory, event management, e-commerce management and even improving probably the most important, the fashion curation component of the business too

Communication Approach

Process flow and solution part

Our solutions comprised of

A tailor made e-commerce solution

A hybrid mobile/web app to curate merchandise, integrating with hardware peripherals such as barcode printers

A cross-platform mobile app to manage inventory (it does a few special custom things)

A custom logistics integration

A progressive web app for merchandise photography, image and media curation

Technology & System Architecture diagram

milestones flow


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