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Red Ribbon is one of the biggest supplier of luxury furniture raw materials in central India, supplying a wide and premium range of veneers, laminates and plywoods.

About Red Ribbon

Problem Statement

Red Ribbon wished to drive up its sales and increase customer retaining and repeat business by introducing a loyalty points and reward system in it’s process. At the time of project conception Red Ribbon was already maintaining a reward system manually using hand written notes, which was simply out of control and was offering no analytics. Red Ribbon wanted an automated system which could comprise data of their customers (Carpenters, Architects and Dealers)

Communication Approach

Communication Approach

Process flow and solution part

Our solutions comprised of

A cross platform app for architects that gives detailed info of Red Ribbons products, has a rich gallery of Red Ribbon products used in furnishings and interiors

A cross platform app for carpenters that allows carpenters to add rewards for the Red Ribbon product purchases and redeem the rewards reaping gifts as a part of Red Ribbon Loyalty Program offering

A cross platform app for Dealers to maintain there bulk reward points and transfer these reward points to respective carpenters upon purchases

A secure backend admin panel for maintaining architects, carpenters, dealers

A microservice REST API Layer to integrate the Admin Backend and Mobile App together

Process flow and solutions

Technology & System Architecture diagram

Technology and System Architecture Diagram

milestones flow

Milestone  Flow


Mobile application

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