Our Environment

Work at Flying Penguins is always a party! Our office is like a home away from home. We seek to create a space that’s comfortable for our team members to work and is warm and welcoming to our clients when they visit us for meetings physically or virtually. Studies show that a good interior design of a workspace can foster creative thinking, productivity and innovation in the people working there. Exactly why our office has been designed by our team! When people like their office space, they want to come here everyday.

Our Environment | Flying Penguins

Our Ethos

We are a bunch of tech nerds, creative designers and marketing experts with core skills in branding who team up to bring out the most powerful and efficient digital solutions for our clients. We believe in client satisfaction which brings more work our way.

Our Ethos | Flying Penguins

Team Trips

We crave engagement with our co-workers and give utmost importance to team happiness. We love to treat, reward and party with our team members. So, team trips and outings and spending quality time together is an integral part of our work culture.

Team Trips | Flying Penguins

Client Communication

We understand that every client is different and while some are very participative, some might just want to let us take the lead. Whatever type you fall into, you are most welcome. Our office is very flexible in terms of communication and is open to physical meetings in office or a venue comfortable to the client, emails, phone, Skype, Slack; you name it!

Client Communication | Flying Penguins

Work With Us

Our people our greatest assets. We build our team by offering select positions throughout the year to talented candidates. The environment at the Penguins is nurturing and motivating and undoubtedly ideal for great development!

 Work With Us | Flying Penguins