Why Startups Need a Website ?

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There are words in the town about a new restaurant, umm… ok! Let’s check it up online before we crash in there. 

The above statement could be rephrased for almost every other new thing that is happening around us- a new restaurant, a new product, a new apparel brand, and so on. We look up to the internet for anything and everything. Therefore, in this digitally dominated world, your business is lost in the crowd without a website. 

Still not convinced about this? Then let’s check some statistics to understand this – Out of every 2.42 billion internet users nearly 90% have searched for something to buy online, 45% of them have bought online and more than 73% of them might check up your business online before starting a business with you.


Having stated that, let’s look into the reasons why startups cannot miss upon a website.  

     1.  Customers give great ideas!

Well, how is that? When your prospects visit your website you may understand their needs better is the help of analytics. Unlike the traditional business model, this enables you to come up with attractive solutions and pulls your ideas into action. An active combination of offline storefront trading with a website online is the key to a profitable business. 

     2. Market your products to a greater customer base

Let’s say a prospect is looking for web design and development services in your town and your startup is new in the market. How will the prospect know you and your business? Well, marketing your business through digital marketing will always give you an edge over the brick and mortar business. This can be done with SEO marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. It also saves costs when compared with conventional marketing practices. Furthermore, a digital interaction between regular and new customers creates a stronger influence online resulting in increased business functionality around the clock. 

     3.  Appear on the top, digitally

An interactive yet creative website speaks a million words for you that increases the scope for action. You can educate your audience through storytelling and inform them about your expertise. Doing these, at times makes your website lists on top reviews and rating lists. With such positive responses and ratings, it increases your chances of reaching the majority of potential clientele. 

     4.  Improved sales with better SEO ratings

Not only does the creative part of the website but it is SEO rankings that add to creating ‘sales’ wonders. Subscribing to a good SEO marketing strategy gives quick boosts and an increase in sales and higher profits. A multi-device users website with proper SEO Marketing can doubly increase your ROI in no time.

     5.  Website attract long term clients

For any business, a customer that comes back after the first purchase is always appreciated. Long term clients are an organization’s support and an emblem of a successful business. A website increases brand visibility and awareness. A strong network of existing clients also lets you build effective marketing campaigns. All of which results in a wide global presence of your brand. 

     6.  Enhanced credibility through website

Being a startup, trust plays an important role in success. To prove the credibility of your business a website brings out the right set of feedback, demands, and solutions. This helps you improve your services and products for the greater good. 

     7.  Beat competitors

Last but not least, a business website enables you to compete in the market and challenges your borders to deliver the best results. In the digital world, creating impressions could be difficult. But with engaging content, sophisticated architecture, intuitive navigation, and attractive UI/UX design your business website will definitely stand out. These factors put together will help you deliver optimal customer experience. 

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