What does it require to rule in the Digital World?

What do you do before going to bed, after getting up in the morning and during your leisurely hours? In all likeliness, pondering over this question may have brought to mind your mobile phone.

True, we live in times wherein people are on their phones “pretty much all the time”. In fact, a recent study revealed that people spend almost two hours on social media alone, with teenagers spending as much as nine hours online.

All this means that no marketer can afford to ignore social media when planning their marketing strategies. There are a few important aspects of going digital with your marketing. Here are a few pointers to determine whether your company is ready to take the dive into the world of digital marketing:


The beginning of a good business is a good product, or service. And, course, you have to know all its USPs and characteristics. These have to be highlighted in every social media post made about it. Remember, no marketing can work if your product/service is not good, specially digital marketing.


Don’t remain just a company; emerge as a brand. Branding includes having a logo, slogan or punchline and a certain brand image that can be identified with the company. Together, these speak volumes of your company’s values, work ethics and ambitions. Therefore, it is very important to spend a lot of time before setting the branding process in motion. Being a decent brand will stand you in good stead in all your marketing endeavours, and will ensure a lot more attention in the fast-paced digital world as well.


In every effort that a company makes towards communicating with its customers is a chance to project ideas like what the brand believes in and stands for. Whether it is a short post on social media, an article in a newspaper, a post on your official blog, an advertisement or any other means, the vision of the company must be clearly stated in all of them.


One of the most important elements of success is having the right team in place. The arena of digital marketing is no different. Ensure that you have people on board who understand the art of grabbing eyeballs on the least patient media of all. They must not only understand the buzzwords like SEO, content marketing and AdWords but also be well versed in interacting with your digital audiences in a way befitting your brand. In case you can’t figure out the right team for this, you can always consult digital marketing agencies that will have people with relevant skills.


Ads can be placed not just in print media but on the digital ones as well. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube among others offer you an ad space on their websites. While advertising can be bought, the same is not (always) true for a write-up in a newspaper, magazine or blog. A public relations (PR) team can work towards the latter. It also helps to have an official presence on all major social media channels, and using them appropriately to interact with potential clients as well as brand loyalists. Appropriate placement of your brand in advertisements and articles can assure the brand is trusted by its end-users.


One way to make your brand viral across social media is to put up graphic elements on a topic that is relevant to your field of work. For example, a company working on e-waste management can have a digital brochure on the amount of e-waste produced in the country, the harm it causes to the environment and the like with the company’s branding. Videos on relevant topics, including your team members brainstorming or the product at different stages of its development, can also connect well with your customer base. Special occasions and festivals like Diwali give you a chance to give your brand a more human face.


On social media, people are often comparing their experiences to those of others. This makes it just the right place for putting up the thoughts of your loyal customers about your product or service.


Talking about the company’s goodwill, CSR plays a big role in making yours an endearing and well-respected brand. With the help of videos (like video testimonials of the beneficiaries or the transformation you helped bring about), iconographical brochures and the like you can bring home the point that the company cares about the environment and the people, projecting the company as a socially conscious one.

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