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Web Development

If there was to be another parallel dimension between the world of the internet and creative humans then it would be known for website designing & development. There’s merely any business today that operates without a website of its own. Making web design services is one of the fastest-growing domains in the IT industry. Having said that, there is a distinction between web development and web designing that makes it a combination that one cannot miss out upon. 

Web development and Web Designing in a Nutshell

To understand this difference, it is necessary to understand what are the elements responsible for a website to be developed.

  •  Web designers work on the creative aspect of the website i.e they work on the overall look of the website with the help of design layout using graphics. 
  • Whereas the web developers add functionality to these design layouts using various programming languages such as Java, Python, HTML, etc. 
  • Web development majorly involves front-end and back-end development. 

Front-end development takes care of the visual aspects that are designed with the web designer. The front-end developer does so with the help of HTML, CSS, and javascript. 

  • Whatever we see on the website is the work of the combination of designing and programming to bind the structural elements together to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Whereas, whatever goes behind the scenes is known as back-end development. The backend of the web consists of the server that hosts the website, an application for running it, and a database to contain the data.
  • The backend dev uses computer programmes to ensure that the server, the application, and the database run smoothly together

 Web design is a holistic process of planning, conceptualizing, and organizing content for the internet. Moreover, it is not limited to websites rather it extends to mobile apps, web apps, and user interface design. A web designer uses his creative mindset to imagine and execute things whereas a web developer uses his technical skills and cognitive abilities to build websites upon functionality and utilities. The visual elements in web designing play the most vital role in the front-end look of the website. Like, fonts, colors, layouts, shapes, images, and icons, etc. 

Understanding App Development

Web applications are the buzzword of this era! 2020 marks the journey of mobile apps into generating $188.9 billion in revenue via app stores and in-app advertising. Furthermore, enterprise mobility is estimated to be worth $510.39 billion by 2022. Many companies today take the advantage of this and lookup for web app development services

A well-designed app could give your business a new face altogether.

  •  Apps are developed on various platforms like Android, iOS, and other cross-platform solutions like react native app development
  • Programming languages for app development depends on various factors. Like app development using python, enables us to build complex functionalities within the app.
  • There are basically four major approaches to app development – native app development, cross-platform native development, hybrid mobile applications, and progressive web development. 
  • With technological advancements, the needs of the users have been translated into more complex applications. 

On a concluding note, as harnessing technologies have brought the world closer together it has introduced us to a wide range of applications to make businesses more efficient and productive. Albeit, it has also created a boom in the app development services industry creating more space for creativity, technology, and innovation.