Web Development trends 2020

The technological advancements that took place in the last decade in the world of web application services were fascinating and challenging to adopt. The web development companies are in constant competition to learn and harness the advantages of the new trends to offer a better user experience. Thus, it becomes very important to keep a track of the top trends that keep you ahead of time and gives you an edge in the market. 

Here are the top trends in web app development that will rule in 2020 : 

1.  AI, Chatbots and Machine Learning 

With automation becoming the inevitable part of the user journey, the website owners are continuously pushing towards 24*7 instant support and helping their customers on the go.  Earlier, the companies used to hire call centre services that were manually answered. But today, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, customer problem solving have become easier and efficient.

AI, Chatbots and Machine Learning

It helps the users by answering their queries, guiding them and redirecting them to an appropriate portion of a website. The use of chatbots has increased day by day and has reached out to other social media platforms and other platforms as well. The tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix have invested heavily in chatbots which indirectly brought in a major advancement in the user journey experience. Therefore, you cannot definitely skip this feature anytime soon if you mean to deliver web development services that stand out in the crowd. 


2. Progressive Web App 

To add to the many amazing innovations happening around us that simplify our daily activities and enhance the user experience is the Progressive Web App. PWA is on the path to becoming the next big thing in the world of the mobile web. PWAs have been gaining mass popularity in recent years, originally proposed by Google in 2015, it attracted a million eyes for its easy web development and instantly won hearts with the application’s rich user experience. 


3. Motion UI 

The minimalist websites becoming the new trend,  animations play a vital role to give your website an aesthetic feel. To do so, both GIF animation and Motion UI does a great job. Motion UI gives the developer to design the website creatively without struggling with JavaScript or Jquery. 


4. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

With single page websites becoming popular, another feature that comes along with it is the AMP. You must have heard this term in the recent past. Accelerated Mobile Pages ( AMP) are super light and fast-loading mobile web pages. It is open-source and thus is easily accessible along with other features as well. 

AMPs are widely used for better user interface and interactive mobile web pages. 


5. Bolder UI

The first impression is the last impression. The fast lifestyle has certainly changed the perspective of the user journey. A user demands a quick overview, that highlights his concerns, addresses him with the solution and guides him through the right actions. All of these require a bolder UI that has bolder fonts, with minimum content and simple design. 

As a web developer, one should keep in mind these design nitty-gritty so as to deliver high-quality websites that speak itself and offer aesthetic feels to the user.


6. Analytics-Driven Websites 

Today’s era doesn’t ask for websites that contain unnecessary information that wastes time and hampers user experience. Rather business-driven websites are more on focus with digital marketing replacing traditional marketing strategies it is important to consider the designing websites that address the demands of Facebook pixels, Google analytics, Smartlook, etc. 

Thus relevant information as per the analytics to be used in the websites while also keeping it minimal and simplistic is the need of the hour. 


7. JavaScript

Interactive web pages are the need of the hour and this is easily done with JavaScript. It has been a popular choice for web developers for web app development as it simplifies the large scale web development. 

The various frameworks like NodeJs, AngularJs, ReactJs, etc saves a lot of time and effort to create JS-based sites and apps. 

Thus, it will continue to be in trend in 2020 as developers are adopting serverless platforms for cost reduction and paying only for what they use. For its dynamism, it will keep attracting developers in the near future. 

Lastly, keeping up with the trend and leveraging the latest technologies for web development services will ensure smooth websites that perform better and drive effective customer action in the future.