Social Media Marketing: Where to supply what?

It is a fact of the internet that whatever we do, every click, every view and even sign up’s are recorded somewhere. Depending on the viewer, it is either very creepy or fantastically enchanting. For the curious, these represent a series of numbers that boggle the mind while for marketers, knowing the statistics behind the social networks can advise strategy and spending, allowing focused targeting of users in particular.

To notify you, the most important thing about social media marketing isn’t always the technology. It’s the people and how they use that technology on ordinary groundwork.

Let see some of the most famous social networking apps and its facts for finding the potential customer and to what exactly approaches to all of them, where to invest time and where to provide content.

Access to Facebook

Facebook is one such media where your business can reach its maximum limit of customers. It adds 500,000 new users every day. One of the largest opportunity to any businessman for socially linking with the customers and promote globally. Users are more attracted with the best photos and posts.

Pasting content isn’t a good idea yet info-graphics is!

Tweeting on Twitter

A total of 2.41 billion accounts, of which 320 million are active. On an average, A Twitter user has almost 208 followers. It is the best way to let micro blogging tweets fly to all followers with short words but useful tags.

Hash tags make it easier!

Followers on Instagram

There are almost 400 million Monthly Active Users giving 3.5 billion likes on 40 billion photos shared, it’s even providing a 15 sec video share. Promoting your business by photos and activities with exciting offers helps in gaining the attention of users.

Clicking on the likes, build hits!

Link in with LINKEDIN

It is a professional social networking site use mostly for career building and professional connections. It can be used as an indirect way of reaching out different client. Customizing your account, compiling it, tie up with recommending websites and joining targeted groups helps you to advertise to the best outreaching customers in need

Influence people, Build your Trust, Find new Keyway!

Google on Google+

Google+’s user base is roughly 60% male and 25% female. Featuring on different circles as an option helps in organizing different types of people. Sharing Photography had always been one of G+’s greatest strengths. Finding the eye-catching photos and redesigns will help you to advertise for local people. If targeting clients for business are in the middle age then to your advertisement this app is most reliable one

Improve your visibility and ranking on SEO!

Pinterest your passion

Want to hit a female audience then Pinterest ticks your boxes. 79% female users on Pinterest out of which 49% use this platform for purchasing of more than 5 products they view. Writing content on this site will help you draw a lot of attention

Art your Craft, swing your presence!

I hope this blog is useful for making a marketing strategy to surpass all the doubt. In Case of any queries feel free to get in touch with our experts here.