Social Media Marketing – Misconceptions

Social media marketing is a big thing today. But what companies don’t realize is that social media marketing gives its full potential only when it is strategized well. You are dealing with real people here. Real people with real needs and emotions – your potential customers. It is an extremely effective way to actually engage them and make them realize why they need your product. There are more than 2 billion social media users in the world. And you get to interact with almost all of these customers in a single go. But unless strategized smartly, your social media marketing might not do you very good. You need to find that sweet spot between what you want to sell and what your customers need to know. That being said, want to take a look at the common misconceptions companies are guilty of regarding social media marketing? Let’s take a look.

  Focusing on selling rather than engaging

While you focus on your sales and how to put your product or service bang onto your customers face, you are forgetting that it is not all about how many units you sell today. It is important that you keep generating potential customers for a long time and that your product stands out in their memory. This can only be achieved if you can provide value to your customer while promoting your product. Web users today are constantly seeking information and knowledge and a blog post or short article that has great readability and valuable, engaging content can greatly boost the visibility of your product. Not only would they remember the information but also your branding will excellently be achieved. Good content has a long term effect and has always shown greater lead conversion.

 Not indulging in content co-creation

Don’t shy from co-creation of a great value-added product by involving your consumers. Co-creation is where a set of consumers chip in, in making the product or app or website better in quality by putting in valuable feedback and expertise. 70% companies including Apple, that have been outstanding in delivering, have imbibed the essence of customer co-creation in their marketing strategy. When brands and consumers work together, product innovation is better and more customer-centric. It thus helps in bringing up the popularity and likeability of your company.

 Not activating your customers enough

There is absolutely no sense in collecting followers or friends on social media like a hobby. Very often, you see companies and marketers creating YouTube channels, Facebook pages or Twitter posts just because everyone around is doing that. But marketing is not just creation of links with customers, it is an active interaction with them on an individual level that can grow business better.

Constantly being on social media without actually interacting with customers

Social media is everywhere and there are innumerable channels online. You may spend as much time as you can and use all kinds of tools but social media will work for you only if you ARE social. It is not just blatant marketing of products, services, discounts and offers. It is much more than that. Comment, share and promote engaging content that provides valuable inputs to your customers. Get one with them and see the difference. The best part? You can be social from anywhere.

 Not focusing on The sweet spot

The sweet spot in content marketing is that fine line between what you have to offer and what your customers need to know. It is the spot where the right combination of efforts gives maximum response. Try your best to find it and cash on it. Knowing your sweet spot also simplifies content creation. Being acquainted with your product and your audiences intimately works wonders in achieving your company’s mission. It is helpful in creating targeted “sweet spot” content that will resonate with your customers and boost your business in turn.

 Thinking social media is dynamic and planning short term

Being social, can never get out of fashion. Then, why plan short term? That’s the worst mistake you can make. Yes, social media marketing takes time to give you the results. Which is exactly why you have to keep at it?! Social media marketing is tough. Many companies create social media accounts but give up when they don’t see results immediately. The best way is to plan a long term social media marketing strategy. Establish your posting schedule. Include blog posts, website pages, news announcements, knowledge-sharing content, videos, pictures and everything you can think of. Don’t just keep talking about yourself but give your customers a wholesome picture. Who says social media doesn’t work?

 Thinking that anybody can do social media marketing

Now this is the biggest mistake ever. Everyone may be able to post on social media, but the question is, can they do it well enough? Not everyone can do effective social media marketing. If you have someone experienced to do it for you, it will give you the boost you actually need. Social media marketing requires creative content production keeping your audience’s needs in mind and promoting your business subtly. This is not everyone’s cup of tea and its best to hire someone experienced to handle it for you. Creating impactful stories is demanding. Spend money and get professionals to do it for you. It’s worth the investment!

To sum it up, social media marketing is an integrated effort of creating effective content and posting it at the right time and platform. It is an investment where you will definitely get what you pay for. There are several steps to attaining your marketing goal and for more information, get in touch with us! What are we waiting for?!