Prepare your business for Digital India revolution

The lines between humans and technology are blurring by the day. Do you realize why? It’s because, while the world is swiftly changing in terms of trade, economic growth, geopolitics, etc. the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is unfolding itself at lightning speed. India may have missed the first and second industrial revolutions and also not made the best out of the third one; but today, it is at the forefront of the 4IR. From consumers to manufacturers, the Government of India has crusaded phenomenally to digitally empower the country in terms of technology by increasing Internet connectivity and making cut-rate data available to all segments of the society.

And why not? India alone has a far number of smartphones than the entire population of technology giants like the US. It is one of the fastest-growing markets for digital consumers with more than half a billion Internet subscribers in the country. It makes all the sense for the country to lead in digitally empowered industries where manufacturing, as well as consumer ship, is higher than most other countries in the world. Digital India plans to boost every citizen’s development so no one is left behind.

For businesses, the timing just couldn’t be better! First, there are innumerable ways you can ease your business, manage it better and make it ten times more productive in this new digital environment.

Second, during this economic slowdown, you may want to cut costs on traditional ways of advertising and reaching out to potential clients. Digital marketing is hands down a winner in reaching out to thousands of potential customers at much less cost.

And thirdly, a digitally powered business reaches thousands of audience with a single click world over – a feat unachievable by any other traditional marketing method! It is much quicker and cost-effective and can be beautifully customized these days using modern tools and technology. An average person is known to spend more than 2-4 hours on his/her smartphone daily and 3 out of 5 mobile users are seen to pay attention to mobile ads on social media sites

Guess that says it all! Bring on the Digital India revolution! Here’s how:

 1. Start with making a beautiful and user-friendly website

No matter how small, all businesses must invest in making a good website. It should contain basic information about your business for the customers but at the same time, be visually appealing. Hire a good web design company but do indulge in the process as your inputs can help in realizing the goal faster and in a more optimal manner.

Keep the aesthetic level high and ensure that the website is user-friendly. Good colour schemes and graphics help attract attention and responsive webpage with easy-to-find links and tabs add to its user-friendliness and hold on to potential clients.

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 2. Have a strong presence on social media

Use social media websites effectively for marketing your business. Not only is it easy, but it is also very efficient. Although there are a substantial number of social media sites, you can start with creating a business profile on the popular ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. The key here is not creating as many profiles as you can; it is how regularly you can post and update the page.

There’s no point in creating a number of profiles but not keeping up with updating them. Instead, opt for a lesser number of social profiles but work on them regularly to keep them updated. A good digital advertising agency can help you with managing your profiles and putting up good posts. Blatant advertising doesn’t work all the time. It also matters that you engage your audience by putting up valuable content and beautiful images.

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 3. Make sure your brand is in good books of Google

Build your brand in a way that there are lesser negative SEO attacks or penalization by Google algorithms. Google actually helps brands in improving their business since it itself gains out of it. Brands signify credibility that improves Google’s search results and provide more reliable information to its searchers.

Lining up your website content as per Google’s guidelines can be great for business owners. With professional help develop a well-coded, secure website. Put incredible information like the address of your physical office and contact number as it strengthens your brand image giving our strong legitimacy signals. Make sure that the content on your website is SEO optimized but not overly crowded with keywords as it can get Google to penalise you.

Creating a well-rounded brand with good social media presence itself will make Google boost your search engine rankings to a high level giving you a significant advantage over your competitors.

 4. Invest on rich media content

Rich media is really coming up in digital content marketing owing to the level of audience engagement it provides in a few simple steps. Rich media offers a number of ways you can involve your end-user attracting them to your brand and eliciting stronger user response.

It works in a variety of ways. The media you are posting on social media can be made more interactive or increased calls-to-action that captures the audience’s attention or other interactive ways of offering high-quality information over social media. Rich media is known to establish a much deeper relationship with the user.

Invest on quality, rich media content – a compelling video or impressive multimedia or video ads. Static ads are uninteresting and mostly ignored. Statistics show that rich media banners are 267% more effective than static ones!

Without much ado, invest your money on rich media campaigns to market better and get more business your way.

Digital India revolution is all set to impact businesses significantly by unlocking millions of opportunities. India is at the brink of developing into an important component of the world economy and striving hard to achieve global leadership. This is the best time for joining the digital revolution! Don’t miss it this time.

Need help with gearing up for the Digital India revolution? Drop by for a cup of coffee and we will tell you how.