Pokemon Go – The immense of Digital Future

Go Digital with Real World

Pokemon Go!! The game is trending everywhere. What’s the fuss about? Why 100 million plus downloads? Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard about Pokemon Go. Breaking the ice of myths Pokemon Go is the blend of Digital world and the Real world in the most profound way. It’s the “Beginning of the Digital Future”. Pokemon Go is not only the video game what we know since years but it’s the GAME CHANGER for the Digital World.

‘Pokemon GO’ has gripped everyone’s minds. It’s time to witness the power of augmented reality, which bought the world together in a way no technology or game has ever done before. Know why it has boomed & got popularity overnight “Pokemon Go – the future”.

Go Social

It’s probably an understatement to say that Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm. If you know how the game is played you might know about ‘PokeStops’ and ‘Pokemon Gym’, the place where you meet other players and socialize. Not only these ‘PokeStops’ and ‘Pokemon Gym’ the overall game will allow the players all over the globe to socialize. And remember this is only the beginning.

Go Advertise

Imagine advertisement of your product in augmented reality on everyone’s Smartphone instead of posters and banners in the real world. How cool that would be! That will not only reduce your advertising cost but also allow you to advertise digitally in an eco-friendly way. It will help in advertising globally as the game is played everywhere and also spread the news rapidly.

Go Pocket – Friendly Advertising

Promoting your business like shops, restaurants, garage etc. as a ‘PokeStop’ or ‘Pokemon Gym’ will rapidly increase the number of visitors. Not only this but you can also give offers like discount coupons and purchase points to the players according to their score in the game for the Real World will help in advertising & even in customer engagement.

Go Explore

In Pokemon Go you don’t need to go around the in-game world made by developers, here you need to go around present reality looking for Pokemon utilizing the GPS and clock of your phone. Pokemon Go allows you to explore the real world digitally. Now explore your City digitally with Pokemon Go.

Go Witness the Fitness

Pokemon Go helps you in physical workout more than you are used to. In comparison to other games which generally are sitting on a couch in the house and playing, this augmented reality game has made the hit with its outdoor gaming concept; In true sense ‘Augmented Reality’. It is good for everyone as it will encourage them to travel around and also help towards improving individual’s physical and mental health.

Go Unite

Pokemon GO enables you to make new friends not only on the internet but also you will get to know people around you who never existed for you. While the game is for catching and battling Pokemon but unknowingly at its core it is uniting people. And again remember this is just the beginning of the “ Go Revolution.”

Happy Playing!!