Phases of the Web Site Design and Development Process

There is no giant step that takes it, It’s a lot of small steps

Website Development is the process. There are multiple stages of website development. The website is the brand ambassador of your business. It highlights the spotlight on your business to grow. Here we will discuss all the different phases of website design & development

 Phase One – Information Gathering

This is the most important phase of website design & development. The primary stage of website development is gathering information i.e analyzing clients needs & requirements also known as “Discovery phase”. In this phase, the designer portrays the client’s vision into the paper. In the discovery phase, it is important to understand the purpose of creating a website, it is also very important to know the goal of the website, which targets audience you want to get targeted, type of content your target audience will look for? These factors are very crucial to determine in the fundamental phase of website design.

 Phase Two – Planning

“Good website is the result of good planning” is what we believe in. After the information gathering what comes is planning. Planning is nothing but prioritizing tasks for website completion. In this phase, we develop the sitemap of the website is developed. Here, we decide the menus, contents & navigational system for the website.

Phase Three – Designing

This is the creative phase of website design. This is the phase where designer put their heart & soul into it. Also, communication plays a major role here. The designer needs to understand each & every aspect of the client expectation & try to sketch it. From logo design to selecting templates everything is discovered in this phase.

Phase Four – Development

After designing, there is a development phase also known as ‘implementing phase’. Now, this is the phase where your actual website starts its implementation. The development phase is also a very crucial phase for the website design. Here, we integrate all the information that we had collected from initial phases. Creating Database, logic & actual programming is done here.

Phase Five – Testing & Delivery

After the Development phase, there is a Testing & Discovery Phase. The testing is done by QA, also responsible for preparing the test cases. The following are the types of website testing

  • Content Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Design Testing

After the above website testing, we upload the files to the server – in most cases, this also involves installing and configuring WordPress, along with a core set of essential plugins to help enhance the site. Now again we test it, that whether all the files are uploaded properly or not. And also assures that the website is working properly. The official launch of the website is also made as it is viewable in public now.

Phase Six – Maintenance

The last phase is Maintenance, in this stage, the maintenance of the website is done for a limited time period only. Maintenance means updating the contents & design of the website. The maintenance facility provided for the limited time provided by the company but if the user wants to extend the service they have to are charged extra for it.

Final Words

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well is what we believe in. Hence, in case you need an expert help in the design and development Process of your website, you can contact Flying Penguins.