OLO (Out Loud Organized)

Businesses to be Out (there to be heard), Loud (enough to be seen) & Organized (to grow).

We are living in a world where organizations and companies are transforming phenomenally. Change in the world order has a profound impact on global businesses, this change has been rising due to the melting barriers, increase in the interconnectedness between the countries. The 21st-century business is accelerated by technology. And to survive you need a driving force which will help you stay competitive. For growth, companies require strategies, tools and processes that enable them to harness new ideas and put them into practice.

Here are 3 simple steps to get you there –

Out (there to be heard) –

You should be out there to be heard. This means you should have a Web presence. If I say this in a generalized way, It’s like this, if your customers look for your business online, they should find the relevant and updated information and should be able to contact you. In today’s world you are heard if search engines like, Google, Bing and Baidu (if you are located/dealing in China) knows you. So in this broad horizon, you need to have visibility. Be Omnipresent is what we mean.

Loud (enough to be seen) –

You should be loud enough to be seen. Now, that search engines like Google know about your business, you need to be big enough to be seen amongst the hordes of your competitors, even if you are that one whale in the blue ocean without any competitor, you should be loud enough to be found. Marketing is the best practice out there to make yourself loud. Following different trendy practices and going according to the trend I am sure you will be loud enough to be seen. While you advertise keep a keen eye for detail on Word Of Mouth (WOM), because one single mistake can cause a major setback to your overall brand perception.

Organised (to grow) –

Companies must keep focused on their strategy and find ways to achieve more with less. Properly implemented business process workflow tools will ensure that each process has its own specific hierarchy as deemed by it. Tools which help companies maximize revenue opportunities and reduce operational costs will strengthen the organization and position it well for a secure future. CRM is one such powerful tool which, if fully harnessed, can play a vital role in sales, marketing and service provision.

In foresight, OLO is exactly what any 21st Century business needs. We at Flying Penguins, believe in this from our core, so much so that this is our underlying strategy and fuels our decision making when we are converting our customers’ Ideas to Solutions. If you are not yet, then just be OLO.