No efforts go unnoticed when you are Flying with Penguins!

“To win in the marketplace, you must win in the workplace!” So rightly said!

We at Flying Penguins, which started as a small startup and now a team of 16, value the efforts and struggle every team member puts in to paint the bigger picture better and help the company grow! In fact, the Flying Penguins Awards introduced this year in January was all about appreciating hard work, creativity, leadership qualities and going that extra mile to finish a task for the company.

The New Year was kick started with the exciting Flying Penguins Awards function held on the 17th of January 2018 for appreciating the star employees who added passion to work and brought more to the plate than needed! The Founders secretly churned out four rolling awards for this function with funky names, nobody could guess what they meant! These creative awards namely – Penguin Bitcoin Award, Flying Steve Jobs Award, The NaMo Award and “Consider-it-Done” Award represent all that the company stands for – excellent growth, uncanny creativity, great leadership and deliverability! These names gave everyone a run for their money for one entire week! A special prize for the one who got all four right, was also announced by the Founders!

The Flying Penguins Awards January 2018 kicked off with a short but motivating impromptu speech by one of the Founders! He spoke of the values and ethics the company aims to meet and how each and every employee is invaluable for Flying Penguins! He inspired everyone to give in their best and grow as all round individuals with great zeal and passion for their work. Being a startup of young individuals, this company boasts of an average age of 25 amongst all its employees and an energetic team that is out to prove their worth to the world! In a fun-filled session it turned out that the Penguin Bitcoin Award was meant to felicitate the one who brought in most amount of business to the company by their efforts. The Flying Steve Jobs Award for the most creative employee who thought something out-of-the-box and gave it form and shape – just like Steve Jobs! The NaMo Award, as the name suggests, is for the one who unquestioningly went out of the way to lead tasks and people and team up people together. And the last and most special award, the Consider it Done Award for that one person who could be blindly trusted upon with any task – it will undoubtedly be done in time and done with class! Every award is a beautifully designed trophy in the shape of an endearing penguin fixed with a personalized card bearing the name and picture of the winner for that month.

Lemon Ideas Founder, Mr. Deepak Menaria who has always been a great supporter of Flying Penguins and other important members – Mrs. Nupur Mukherjee, Mr. Anurag Karangale and Mr. Mukesh Ashar were roped in to give away the awards! With the excitement in its peak now, the award function began with each award having four nominations and names being yelled and guessed across the hall! The winner was announced and a sensational background of light and colors with their names flashing on the backdrop welcomed each winner on stage and the awards were given away together with special personalized gifts. What more, every winner got a chance to say a few words to their fellow team about how they feel and what they thought got them there!

The Penguin Bitcoin Award was won by the lovely Samruddhi a.k.a. Samu Sonak who is a true beauty with brains, Solutions Architect with Flying Penguins for 2 years now! She is extremely passionate and sincere about her work and has generated a great deal of revenue for the company making her an indispensable part now! The Flying Steve Jobs Award winner was Mustafa who is extremely talented and a coder at heart! He is creative and inventive with his work and gains everyone’s appreciation for his artwork with coding! None other than the brooding Aaditya Gandhare who is as good a teacher, as a listener and an excellent team player, won the NaMo Award! He has unmatched problem-solving skills and great leadership qualities! Last and the most awaited, winner of Consider it Done Award was the very deserving Fiza Khan, the dainty but highly intelligent Solutions Architect, who is the quickest in getting things done and understanding client requirements to the tee! She usually comes up with the best solutions for problems and get things done, always in time! What followed was a trail of laughter, fun and frolic and lots of appreciation for the winners! There were fun photos taken of the winners with their team and everyone got back to work with that warm fuzzy feeling of appreciation for their work!

What followed was a trail of laughter, fun and frolic and lots of appreciation for the winners! There were fun photos taken of the winners with their team and everyone got back to work with that warm fuzzy feeling of appreciation for their work!

The Flying Penguins Awards are a rolling trophy out to be won every month by anyone in the Flying Penguins family who puts in that little extra to the work to see it through! Your actions never go unnoticed, your efforts, never un-appreciated! Come; join us to grow not just financially but also to experience the joy of learning while developing, and most importantly, getting appreciated for your work! You could be the next winner of that enviable Penguin trophy!

As they say, “ a great employee is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have”!
See you at Flying Penguins soon!