Is your company ready to leverage digital competitive edge?

In the wind of growing digitalization and online marketing, most entrepreneurs are determined to enter the world of digitalization. Small or growing businesses traditionally spent a fortune on product marketing through print and media, sacrificing a huge fraction of their profit or margin in marketing. Turning to digital marketing, these businesses are cashing in on the cost efficiency, greater audience reach and brand development approach of digital marketing and minting money. Having a digital presence greatly improves overall business efficiency and boosts company profits by several folds! While it is a great idea to grow your business using latest digital marketing technologies and tools, it is important to weigh the factors that may be critical to getting full advantage of digitalization. Getting into digital marketing means investing a lot of time and money. So, assess yourself and see if this is the right time for you to take the leap!

Size of your company

If your goals are clear, the size of your company does not matter much. What is critical though is whether a digital marketing campaign will be helpful in achieving your goals. Digital marketing takes a longer period to make an impact and generate leads, but once it does, it does so, consistently. So if you have a long-term plan for sale of your product and want to build a brand over a period of time, digital marketing is your thing for effective lead generation!

Your Budget

Start small with your budget to test how your digital marketing strategy is working out for you. You might need to rev up your budget to maximize the results or make changes in your advertising plan according to the goals you want to achieve. Since digital marketing is a long-term plan and it might take months before you actually start seeing results, ensure that you chalk out your budget such that you might not need to drop off the marketing campaign due to lack of funds.

Right Team

Build a powerful team and take in your best people for following-up on the digital marketing campaign! Because digital marketing can only take you to the level of generating leads, in the absence of a quick and smart response team, lead to customer generation might falter greatly. Market research shows that about 50% customers choose to engage in business with companies that respond to them first and are prompt in communication. A focused team, committed to growing your business, is what you need to set it sailing!

Right Sales Process

Following up is one thing; following up ‘right’ is another! Sales process is one area that needs to be very active to make things easier for the customer. Designing a strong sales process protocol is must! When and how to approach a lead, what questions to ask, how to engage the customer to make sure forthcoming calls are welcome are all important points to be addressed and communicated to the digital marketing partner. If your sales process does not resound clarity and confidence, a strong customer relation will not be shaped and you may lose out on prospective customers! Scheme a very strong sales process with minute details like when to share pricing or when to introduce discounts, also taken care of!

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Right Expectation

Patience is the key! Don’t expect success overnight. Digital marketing takes a few months before it gives significant results and even then, real benefits depend on a lot of factors. Is the timing of your digital marketing launch in sync with the market demand for your product? Understand your digital marketing strategy and have realistic expectations of the time frame of when to start seeing real results. Digital marketing is not magic; it is a dynamic process demanding commitment and consistent efforts in sensing market needs and sentiments.

Media mix

Digital marketing is a very subtle art. You are directly communicating to the end user through your words and media. It is vital that your piece of writing or pictures or videos or other forms of media revolving around your product appeals to the reader or viewer. Bring out creative content, personal blogs, attractive infographics and more to attract the reader. Seeing real people, real experiences and the relationships between customers and your company gives a very friendly and approachable feel to your company and your product. Let them see the real you too! Apart from product marketing content, share pictures or videos of internal celebrations in the company or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) events or new induction parties to use social media effectively and send out positive vibes for your company. A good digital marketing agency can help achieve this goal by designing an effective multi-dimensional digital marketing plan for your company!

Right Agency

Now for the most important task! Finding the right digital marketing agency! Since your company’s digital presence would be handled by an external digital marketing agency, it is critical that you hire an agency that is genuinely engaged with helping you achieve your goals. Go for an agency that communicates with you regularly to understand your needs better and designs a campaign that is tailor-made for you. The digital marketing team must keep itself updated with the latest in the field and invest in data analytics to measure the campaign’s progress. It should take necessary actions in optimizing the strategies for better results using their expertise. Look for a digital marketing agency that is dedicated, experienced and trusted in the industry.

If you are ready with these resources and feel that you are all set to take the plunge into the digital world, we are waiting to discuss your new marketing strategy over a steaming cup of coffee!