Is email marketing still relevant?

The answer is yes. Surprised? Don’t be! Statistics show that even in the day and age of rising social messaging websites and apps, email still ranks the highest in its usage by more than 90% adults and more than 74% teenagers worldwide. Great numbers, right? Also, Email Statistics Report notes that the number of emails communicated every year is rising significantly! Emails are nowhere close to extinction and the market accessible through emails is here to stay! Here’s what you should know:

Emails are professional

Most consumers prefer emails for getting information about the latest deals in brands. Professionals predominantly depend on emails for their business communications and prefer the dependability of email marketing. The deliverability rate of emails is close to 98%, which is quite a success! Of course, consumers have more power over what they want to see in their emails and can easily block or unsubscribe or spam emails that they are not interested in. But there are smart marketing strategies like personalization where you address the consumer personally and segmentation where you design the email as per the needs of the consumer (for example, what the consumer was particularly looking for when he or she visited your website), which help in generating higher email open rate.

Frankly, a lot of people still like to see offers on email and the response rate is higher! It’s all about putting the right thing in front of a person at the right time!

You simply can’t do without an email!

What would you do without an email account? Email is the most universal form of online communication. People may or may not be active on social media but anyone who uses the Internet, almost always holds an email account. Every social media website like Facebook or Twitter and any app on your smartphone demands an email id to sign in with. Email is like your digital identity! All kinds of activity – from operating your bank account to shopping online to sharing your opinion to everything online; depend on an active email account!
It would be foolish to think that email marketing is dead!

Emails helpful in reinforcement or remarketing

Remarketing is a very powerful marketing technique to bring back customers that have already visited your website but say, maybe, left a purchase incomplete! Now remarketing through emails, very subtly reminds customers about purchases that they may have left incomplete, or again invites them to offers on the items they were interested and so on. Remarketing is vital because as per statistics, 96% individuals leave a website without converting into customers and about 70% of the time online shopping carts are abandoned. An engaging, personalized and segmented email remarketing strategy then all you need for a great purchase rate and effective brand awareness! An excellent cocktail for success is to go for banner marketing through social media websites and remarketing through emails!

Emails for real-time analytics!

Emails are very, very central to actively tracking and analyzing your online marketing responses. For all the details about the emails you sent – like how many got bounced, were opened or deleted or clicked, emails are much needed! Email marketing metrics allow you to understand how your campaign is performing and makes it measurable as a whole! So, you know what’s working and what is not and when it is time to change!

Emails are mobile friendly, inexpensive, dependable and with lots of digital space to experiment with. So much for so little, right? Email marketing is more than relevant and unquestionably, has to be an integral part of your internet marketing strategy!