Everything you need to know about E-A-T SEO

E-A-T SEO + Flying Penguins

Does your SEO have everything it needs to be at the top? Has your website been performing relatively low for unforeseen reasons? If the answer to the questions is a yes, then it’s time for you to implement Google’s search algorithm E-A-T because like they say, “You are what you E-A-T”. 

What is E-A-T stands for? 

Google came up with this concept in 2014 but was in the limelight again in late 2018. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthy SEO (search engine optimisation).

1. Expertise- Your website should speak of the expertise you hold. Especially, if your main content creates an impact on a person’s health and wealth. It is less critical if the website is a humorous individualistic or gossip website. Demonstrate knowledge on a topic or assign an expert to write on related to his genre as it instils the trust in your users, adds value to your main content and fetches you a better audience. 

2. Authoritativeness- You need to showcase authority through quality content in a blog or conversation in a forum/community. This can be done by mentioning the credentials of the author like his name, job title, bio and most importantly, experience. 

3. Trustworthy- Ultimately, this is the main purpose that your website should serve. Your users should be able to trust you and your purpose through the authenticity of your content. The element of trust is particularly important in the case of eCommerce websites because here the users are required to share their bank details and are often found to be skeptical to make any move. Therefore it is important that your users feel safe while they consume the information on your website.

Why is E-A-T so important for your website content?

After the brief introduction, you are probably wondering why being an expert, authority and having a trust is important anyway for the performance of the website as per search engine. Well, E-A-T is one of the top three considerations by Google to analyse the page quality. Quality raters while rating a page or a website look into how it creates value in the user’s life and whether the content is worth the comfort and recommendable others as well. So, if a web page content is comfortable, knowledgeable and worth sharing then obviously it will secure a high level of E-A-T and in return boost the page rankings.

How does it (E-A-T)  relate to YMYL pages? 

Google strongly scrutinises the YMYL ( Your money or your life) pages as it heavily impacts the visitors on your page. YMYL pages refer to those pages that provide health, financial, legal advice or similar sort of things. Basically, if there’s any web page content that affects a user positively or negatively which indirectly impacts one’s health, wealth and happiness then it comes under the YMYL page. Simplifying further, for example: 

  1. An eCommerce page asking for bank details
  2. A medical page giving knowledge regarding a rare disease 
  3. A financial page giving information about financial products or offering legal advice

Therefore, high ranked YMYL pages will have a high level of E-A-T. This is because your content satisfies the user’s needs that serve the purpose of E-A-T. Hence, the sites that readily follow this, slay the game by Google’s system. 

Let’s Wrap What One Must E-A-T?

Only you can make your page or site as useful as it can be by crafting content that is accurate, useful and engaging. If your page or site fits in the criteria of the YMYL pages then all of this becomes a necessity and you should try to meet Google’s requirements. 

If Google finds that your content is lacking the E-A-T criterion then your page will be given low-quality ratings. So, your content doesn’t reflect that you are an expert, an authority or is trustworthy then your content might be considered as low-quality. 

As a content creator, there’s this simple understanding one needs to have is that your content should meet the needs of both your users as well as the quality raters. Once both parties are happy, ultimately Google is happy!!

Lastly, implementing E-A-T properly every single time will enrich your overall content throughout and create value in your users’ life. Well, that is what Google wants you to do!