Basics Of Digital Marketing

Here’s your journey begins –

Identify your startup, go for it and chase your dream. Well, the journey may be strenuous at the beginning but nevertheless, flash on the excursion of Mark Zuckerberg & Steve Jobs their startup journey may enhearten you. As a startup, you must know the value of your single penny and also you can’t wait too long for ROI. Assimilate the following strategies to do marketing of your new start-up without spending even a single penny.

Discover your Target Market

Primarily, know who is in the same business where you are in. Try to understand their strategies. Cognize clients that you need to be targeted. Most importantly, take time & study well. Devote your time to market research, it won’t cost any money but gives you the blueprint which will prove very relevant for your business.

Free tools for SEO & Keyword Research

Design, user experience and a clear call to action are a few very important factors for your successful online presence. Utilize the following tools that can be set-up free of cost.

Start attending seminars & build your connections

Experience is the teacher of all things!! Grab experience from other people that will help you a lot. Meet decision makers and build connections with them. Try to attend many seminars that will benefit you to grow your business & it will also help you to endorse your assumptions that you have regarding your products.

Start Blogging

As time passed, you defeat your disputes & master your skills. So, share your experiences with other peoples. Blogging can help you a lot & also proves helpful to bring new audiences which you never thought before. “Passion is key” believe this. You could not get success by overnight. Blogging will not cost any money but proves to be very helpful for your new startups.

Leverage the potential of Social Media & free Email marketing

Launched a new product? Take feedbacks from CXO’s (Corporate Experience Officer) who knows your today’s beta tester can become yours tomorrow’s customers. Many CXO’s are available at LinkedIn, it will be a good chance for you to build your connections with them. Use Twitter, Although it has only 140 characters it can be very powerful to grow your business. Use popular taglines & excellent hashtags and see how much & how fast you gain followers. Benefit your business with the use of Facebook, create the facebook page for your business & post Creatives, Infographics, Articles, Videos and notice that in less time your page hits many likes that leaves you blissful. Send messages to masses through email marketing about your company, products & services. Get the analytics for the same. Use MailChimp for free email marketing. And you can also explore Vine & Snapchat for performing marketing without investing a single penny.

You can’t sell anything If you can’t tell anything – Marketing Thumb Rule

Marketing is one of the most important aspects in ensuring your business success. Well, Start-up is the phase where there is a lot of scope for doing experiments. View your startup as a continuous learning experience. Do experiments because during startups it is extremely flexible.