10 Things to Plan before  Mobile App Development 

Mobile App Development 

In the last decade, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. With necessity being the mother of invention, the digital era demands optimum utility of any innovation and up-gradation of existing technology. Having said this, the interjunction of mobile apps and smartphones cannot be overlooked. Here are 10 things an app developer must keep in check before beginning the mobile app development.

1. Thorough research is a keeper

Do thorough market research on similar apps that provide similar services. This will help in a systematic analysis of the feasibility of the app that is to be developed, the loopholes of the existing apps could be resolved which will give an upper hand in the market when your app goes live and also understand the customer behavior against the services that you are planning to incorporate in your app. 


2. Gobbling up data is a major turn-down

Today, the entire digitization and automation processes depend on internet. Thus, data consumption becomes a vital factor while developing an app. The customer always looks out for apps that consume less data while delivering premium quality services. As an app developer, to increase the popularity of your app deduce the factors that can increase efficiency that will give an edge against your competitors. For example, there are apps that consume data continuously while operating while some work offline as well or both. So, plan your app designing accordingly. 

3. Uniqueness will win the hearts

Presently, there are millions of IOS and android apps. Therefore, it becomes very important to classify the uniqueness in your app so that it isn’t lost in the crowd. It must offer special features that will induce users as installation of any app consumes both data as well as storage. The best way is to debug the issues of your competitor apps. 

4. Sail smoothly with wise animations

A user interprets animations in an app in different ways. Animations make any app heavy if it has too much graphics content. It takes a lot of time to load such an app making the users either impatient or delusional about whether the app has been crushed down or not. Thus, it always advised applying indicators while such an app is loading so as to assure the user of the loading process. But animations obviously meant for fun and wisely using it across your app make it more interactive. 

5. Know your worth: Monetize your app

If making a livelihood out of developing apps then you must appreciate your efforts by quoting the right monetary value against it. There are companies that hire Mobile Application Developers for bulk work either on a contract basis or on a freelancing basis. 

6. Understand the users

As an app developer, understanding your target audience will always give an upper edge to develop an app that is empathetic and will help you narrow down the features that build an app that addresses the requirements of your users. 

7. Good marketing strategy is the killer

It is often found that a good app doesn’t gain a good market traction due to poor marketing strategy. Therefore the marketing strategy of any app should be planned out two to three weeks before the launch of the app. This way it revokes up the inquisitiveness amongst the customers that in turn increases the market buildup of the app. 

8. Test it before you serve it 

Vigorous testing of the app before actually launching it in the market is very important to find out any glitches in the app. Any app which is riddled with bugs becomes a stale product in the market and losing its prominence before it embarks its journey. The timely resolution of glitches maintains goodwill with the customers and also your efforts receive the deserving appreciation. 


9. A catchy description saves time

Well, though it is said never judge a book by its cover, yet we know what it is! The first impression is the last impression after all. Therefore, a catchy description that drives customer action is halfway through. The description must be crisply describing the features, user journey, etc. 

10. Plan the budget for your app

A cost-effective app is always appreciated because you are trying to make money out of it. App development involves multiple stages and each stage has monetary requirements. So, if one wishes to keep the cost under control at all stages then a planned budget is unavoidable. If you follow these rules, then you have a great chance of getting success with the app that you are planning to develop.


Mobile app development is a domain that involves creativity, technical expertise and insight to understand the market demands. At Flying Penguins, we are a team of nerds with stuffed creativity who strive to design the best of mobile apps that serve the greater good.