The Origin Of Our Species

Flying Penguins is a software design and development company that provides end-to-end development service for web, mobile & business automation. We work on a wide range of technologies ranging from open source to proprietary and custom built solutions. We are a team of various sources of skill sets who strive for achieving a common goal to create innovative & simplistic technological solutions by working in world class development environment. Likewise we bring into existence, a company to enable enterprises to embrace the tech and digital space with comfort.

We Provide Solution To Your Ideas

Family Tree

Family Tree
  • We have a curious blend of
  • Hardcore web developers with all the technical know how to make your product robust and scalable
  • Imaginative designers, who intricately convert your ideas into bold designs
  • Creative thinkers and growth hackers, who are empathic towards your customer’s needs and your growth, wired to think out of the box solutions
  • Content writers, who have zeal to articulate your ideas and philosophies into a product story worth telling

We envision to
make 500 customers’ technology independent & truly paperless
in next 5 years.

Being Us

  • We exist to
  • Overcome lack of technical advancement in enterprises and businesses
  • Make technology accessible and simple for everyone Everywhere
  • Digitally empower enterprises to generate more business online
  • Create brand identities in much more efficient and holistic ways using the cutting edge digital media
  • Make truly paperless and technologically independent and self sustaining companies
  • Advocate FOSS(Free Open Source Systems) and deliver lean solutions to make business OLO (What is OLO?)
Flying Penguins

Tell Us, To Know You Tomorrow